In the UK there will be approximately 365,000 people diagnosed with cancer this year.

Macmillan Cancer Support is a great charity that helps people suffering with Cancer as well as their families in so many different ways. With the numbers rising each year of those affected by cancer, Sustain UK is participating in the “World’s Biggest Coffee Morning.”

The coffee morning is “Macmillan’s flagship fundraising event, which takes place each year towards the end of September. The idea is simple – all you need to do is get together with family, friends or colleagues over coffee and cake. All money raised will enable Macmillan to continue providing emotional, financial, medical and practical support to people affected by cancer.”

  • Supporters raised £229 million for Macmillan in 2015, almost £12 million more than the year before • You’re helping to fund Macmillan nurses.
  • You’re helping to provide information about cancer.
  • You’re helping with financial support, like grants and advice.
  • You’re helping Macmillan answer calls on their support line.
  • You’re helping Macmillan be there when people need them most.We will be hosting our coffee morning on 29th September 2017 at our head office from 10am – 12pm.

2A Albert Road, Harborne, Birmingham

B17 0AN Tel: 0121 428 2221

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