In 2018, we started a project with Simone Chester, a wonderful art teacher who has been helping our residents express themselves and learn new art techniques.

We recently held an exhibition to showcase their work. Here’s what Simone had to say about the project:


On November 26th, I had the privilege of coordinating Sustains first Art Exhibition, over fifteen residents showed their artwork and sculptures celebrating their hard work alongside each other. I started working as an artist in residence to Sustain in December 2018 and what a year its been!

Working weekly with groups in two houses we have explored various new art skills ranging from watercolour and acrylic paints, inks, pencil and pen drawing to using collage and clay. With various inspiration they creativity flow in a mindful space they can fully express themselves and tell their stories through making art. The residents have a session each week to completely submerge themselves in work of their own, develop art skills, reach their full potential with transferable art skills, work in groups connecting and having fun creating beautiful work.

The groups I’ve worked with have enjoyed their sessions so much that in 2020 we will work with more groups and further develop the portfolios of work they have made. I look forward to working with the groups and developing them further in arts and mindfulness, here’s to a creative 2020!